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Reset Login Information

If you don't remember your login information or your account is locked out, please contact Stockgrowers State Bank at 785-256-4241 or 785-765-3311 and ask that your login information be reset. Or email us with your request at

What you need to know about your password

Your Login ID IS NOT case sensitive. Your password IS case sensitive. Your new password must meet these guidelines:

  • Your new password must contain characters from EACH of the following groups.

    • letters

    • numerals

    • symbols, the following are allowed !@#$%^&*?+=~._

  • The new password must have at least 10 characters.

  • The first character must be a letter or a number.

  • This password will be case sensitive. Examples of acceptable passwords are: Cla$$of89 or 56#Chevy or ba$eBa11

It is recommended that you do not write this password down or share this with anyone else. For security reasons, your password is encrypted in a database and the bank personnel are unable to retrieve your password information. If you lose or forget your password, you will have to visit your bank and they can issue you a new auto generated first login password.

Creating Strong Passwords

The strongest passwords are those that are easy to remember but difficult to hack. Here are some tips for creating such a password.

Use different character classes

  • Don't just use letters. A to Z is one character class while lower case letters: a to z is another class. Symbols are another and numbers are the fourth class. Use them all when creating your password. An example of a weak password is: Guitar while a strong password is: GuiT@r.

Use complete sentences

  • A password like "F&WL2HH&E4D" might seem impossible to remember, but it's actually fairly simple. Each letter is the first word of a sentence - in this case "Fred And Wilma Like To Have Ham And Eggs For Dinner." Simply come up with a memorable sentence of your own and include letters, symbols and numbers - you've got a super-secure password.

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